Sara was born & raised in Dallas, Texas and now lives in New York City. After 3 years of an Electrical Engineering / Computer Science degree, she dropped out of college to pursue filmmaking full time. Watch the "Film My Life" episode to learn more about the crazy journey. 

Her YouTube channel started with tech reviews, tutorials & travel videos. 

Wedding videos helped advance storytelling skills & paid rent. 

Sara started her first docuseries - Creative Spaces Tv. 

Sara received the Adobe Creative Residency - which allowed her to pursue her passion projects for an entire year and was financially back by adobe. She was cosigned by famous vlogger Casey Neistat and started a daily vlog.  

Vlogging led to many opportunities to travel and develop meaningful creative relationships. One of the most notable relationships - her now boyfriend of one and a half years john hill who is a professional skateboarder & vlogger. 

She has narrowed the focus of her youtube channel to how it all began in 2011 - tech, creativity & collaboration. She is obsessed with showing the creative process and has brought the rawness & fun of vlogs into her tech videos and online series. If interested in the day to day shenanigans with her friends and boyfriend follow @saradietschy on instagram!

Sara's latest venture is a podcast - The Creative Exchange - where she interviews creative & entrepreneurial individuals and unpacks advice on how to live your best creative life!